General Overview

Users apply to access cryo-EM instruments or training:

   General Access

  • Assisted or Independent Microscope Services
  • Focused on all users
  • Training Access

   Screening Access

  • Assisted on-site sample and grid optimization
  • Laboratories with limited cryo-EM access


All approved proposals are assigned an expert microscopist as their Scientific Point of Contact (SPOC)


General Workflow

  (1)   Submit a cryo-EM Proposal (anytime)

  (2)   Submission Deadline (monthly on the 1st)

  (3)   Proposal Processing and Peer Review (~45 days)

  (4)   Proposal Award (sign user agreement)

  (5)   Onboarding (one hour zoom)

  (6)   Request Scheduling (anytime after onboarding)

  (7)   Send Samples (after scheduling)

  (8)   Remote or On-site User Session (2-6 weeks after receiving samples)

  (9)   Transfer Data (~20 minutes after session)

 (10)  Image Processing (at home or through PNCC Compute)


Find the step-by-step instructions for submission here