Publications listed represent all or part of the research that was carried out using PNCC resources.

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"A portion of this research was supported by NIH grant U24GM129547 and performed at the PNCC at OHSU and accessed through EMSL (grid.436923.9), a DOE Office of Science User Facility sponsored by the Office of Biological and Environmental Research".

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PNCC Publications

1. "Introducing the Pacific Northwest Center for Cryo-EM" Craig Yoshioka. (2019) Cambridge University Press.

2. "Cryo-EM structures provide insight into how E. coli F1Fo ATP synthase accommodates symmetry mismatch" Meghna Sobti, James L. Walshe, Di Wu, Robert Ishmukhametov, Yi C. Zeng, Carol V. Robinson, Richard M. Berry and Alastair G. Stewart. (2020) Nature Communications.

3. "Dual Native MS and Cryo-EM Approach to Resolve Heteromeric Protein Assemblies and Subunit Stoichiometry" Irina Novikova, Mowei Zhou, Jared Shaw, Hanjo Hellmann, and James E. Evans (2019) Cambridge University Press.

4. "Architecture of the chromatin remodeler RSC and insights into its nucleosome engagement" Avinash B. Patel, Camille M. Moore, Basil J. Greber, Jie Luo, Jeff Ranish and Eva Nogales (2019) eLife.

5. "Structure of the human cation-chloride cotransporter NKCC1 determined by single-particle electron cryo-microscopy" Xiaoyong Yang, Qinzhe Wang, and Erhu Cao (2020) Nature Communications.

6. "Chemical and structural investigation of the paroxetine-human serotonin transporter complex" Jonathan A. Coleman, Vikas Navratna, Daniele Antermite, Dongxue Yang, James A. Bull, and Eric Gouaux (2020) eLife.

7. "Conserved His-Gly motif of acid-sensing ion channels resides in a reentrant ‘loop’ implicated in gating and ion selectivity" Nate Yoder and Eric Gouaux (2020) eLife.

8. "Connexin-46/50 in a dynamic lipid environment resolved by CryoEM at 1.9 Å" Jonathan A. Flores, Bassam G. Haddad, Kimberly A. Dolan, Janette B. Myers, Craig C. Yoshioka, Jeremy Copperman, Daniel M. Zuckerman, and Steve L. Reichow (2020) Nature Communications.

9. "Structure of the Native Muscle-type Nicotinic Receptor and Inhibition by Snake Venom Toxins" Md. Mahfuzur Rahman, Jinfeng Teng, Brady T. Worrell, Colleen M. Noviello, Myeongseon Lee, Arthur Karlin, Michael  H. B. Stowell, and Ryan E. Hibbs (2020) Neuron.

10. "Deconvoluting Lipid Nanoparticle Structure for Messenger RNA Delivery" Yulia Eygeris, Siddharth Patel, Antony Jozic, and Gaurav Sahay (2020) ACS Publications.

11."Shared structural mechanisms of general anaesthetics and benzodiazepines" Jeong Joo Kim, Anant Gharpure, Jinfeng Teng, Yuxuang Zhuang, Rebecca J. Howard, Shaotong Zhu, Colleen Noviello, Richard M. Walsh Jr, Erik Lindahl, Ryan E. Hibbs. (2020) Nature.

12. "Structural basis of transcription-translation coupling" Chengyuan Wang, Vadim Molodtsov, Emre Firlar, Jason Kaelber, Gregor Blaha, Min Su, and Richard H. Ebright. (2020) Science.

13. “Subdomain cryo-EM structure of nodaviral replication protein A crown complex provides mechanistic insights into RNA genome replication“ Nuruddin Unchwaniwala, Hong Zhan, Janice Pennington, Mark Horswill, Johan A. den Boon, Paul Ahlquist. (2020) PNAS.

14. "Structure of bacterial phospholipid transporter MlaFEDB with substrate bound" Nicolas Coudray, Georgia L. Isom, Mark R. MacRae, Mariyah N. Saiduddin, Gira Bhabha, Damian C. Ekiert (2020) Preprint on bioRxiv.

15. "Novel mode of filament formation in UPA-promoted CARD8 and NLRP1 Inflammasomes" L. Robert Hollingsworth, Liron David, Yang Li, Andrew R. Griswold, Humayun Sharif, Pietro Fontana, Tian-Min Fu, Jianbin Ruan, Daniel A. Bachovchin, Hao Wu (2020) Preprint on bioRxiv.

16. "DPP9 directly sequesters the NLRP1 C-terminus to repress inflammasome activation" L. Robert Hollingsworth, Humayun Sharif, Andrew R. Griswold, Pietro Fontana, Julian Mintseris, Kevin B. Dagbay, Joao A. Paulo, Steven P. Gygi, Daniel A. Bachovchin, Hao Wu (2020) Preprint on bioRxiv.

17. “Cryo-EM Structures of HIV-1 trimer bound to CD4-mimetics M48U1 and BNM-III-170 adopt a CD4-bound open conformation” Claudia A. Jette, Christopher O. Barnes, Sharon M. Kirk, Bruno Melillo, Amos B. Smith III, Pamela J. Bjorkman. (2020) Preprint on bioRxiv.

18. “The Cryo-EM structure of AAV2 Rep68 in complex with ssDNA reveals a malleable AAA+ machine that can switch between oligomeric states” Vishaka Santosh, Faik Musayev, Rahul Jaiswal, Francisco Zárate-Pérez, Bram Vandewinkel, Caroline Dierckx, Molly Endicott, Kamyar Sharifi, Kelly Dryden, Els Henckaerts, Carlos R. Escalante. (2020) Preprint on bioRxiv.

19. “Structural analysis of RIG-I-like receptors reveals ancient rules of engagement between diverse RNA helicases and TRIM ubiquitin ligases” Kazuki Kato, Sadeem Ahmad, Zixiang Zhu, Janet M. Young, Xin Mu, Sehoon Park, Harmit S. Malik, Sun Hur. (2020) Preprint on bioRxiv.

20. “CorRelator: An interactive and flexible toolkit for high-precision cryo-correlative light and electron microscopy” Jie E. Yang, Matthew R. Larson, Bryan S. Sibert, Samantha Shrum, Elizabeth R. Wright. (2020) Preprint on bioRxiv.

21. "Tunable hetero-assembly of a plant pseudoenzyme-enzyme complex" Irina Novikova, Mowei Zhou, Chen Du, Marcelina Parra, Doo Nam Kim, Zachary L. VanAernum, Jared B. Shaw, Hanjo Hellmann, Vicki H. Wysocki, and James E. Evans (2020) Preprint on bioRxiv.