Training Program

PNCC believes our primary niche in the cryo-EM training ecosystem is to provide hands-on training opportunities and skill assessments paired with online accessible theoretical and practical educational content. The end goal is not only for PNCC trainees to become fully independent practitioners of cryo-EM methods, but for them to internalize the training process with materials they can use to then provide this training to others. 


Training Opportunities


Training Modules

Training icon   Preparatory Online Training

Online Theoretical Component

Lecture material explaining the theory underlying the procedures to be mastered in the module’s hands-on component. Mastery of this theory can be done ahead of time and self-paced.

Online Practical Component

(when available) Video or text material that can be studied ahead of time focusing on the actual practical techniques that will later be practiced by the students.



Hands-on Training

PNCC Staff Demonstrate

An in-person demonstration of the entire method by a professional. This further reinforces any online practical material provided before arrival. It also provides opportunity for students to ask practical questions.

Supervised Practice

Students practice the technique themselves, often in stages of difficulty, with supervision and assistance from PNCC trainers. Students work against the same checklist that certifies their independence.

Independent and Group

Students practice the technique until they can independently fulfill the checklist for a module.  They do not need constant supervision of PNCC trainers but are welcome to assist/train each other as a group.

Final Skill Check

Students show PNCC trainers they can independently fulfill the checklist requirement for a module. They should only require assistance from trainers for issues that are outside the scope of the module.

Goal icon   Ongoing Skills Development

Skill Re-Assessment

Trainees should periodically re-assess their skills- this may be required for independent use of PNCC equipment after a six-month absence.

Train Others

Trainees are encouraged to train others or participate as trainers in future training events. 

Further Mastery

Enroll in more advanced modules- in some cases “advanced” training may consist of troubleshooting issues that do not fit within the scope of defined training modules- apply for an embedded training!