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Att: Claudia López   
Oregon Health & Science University
LVMS Mail Code: CL-2PM
2730 SW Moody Ave
Portland OR 97201


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Project applications, Technical questions on Cryo-EM methods:

  James EvansClaudia López and Craig Yoshioka

Biosafety, Building access, Sample and dry shipper shipments: 

  Claudia López

Proposal submission, User forms and on-boarding, Lodging and traveling, Badging, PNCC Compute account:

  Lauren Hales Beck 

Microscope and training scheduling, Sample and dry shipper shipments, Project support, PNCC Scientific Point of Contact (SPOC):

  Harry ScottNancy MeyerDrew Gingerich, Theo HumphreysJanette Myers

Data transfer from PNCC to your lab:

  David Cowley and Evan Felix

PNCC Compute Onboarding and Troubleshooting:

  Irina Novikova