PNCC is committed to training interested users to become independent practitioners of cryo-EM. The offered trainings include both group and personalized training in the fundamentals of sample preparation methods, microscope design and operation, and image analysis and modeling.  

We offer training in cryo-EM methods via group workshops and 1-on-1 cross-training of users associated with awarded projects. Our first group workshop was held in August 2019 with 12 external trainees and lasted 3 weeks. Example datasets generated during the workshop are available for download on our BENCHMARKING AND WORKSHOP DATA page. We plan to offer another group workshop in early 2020 and more details about the logistics and how to apply will be available later this year. 


For both group workshops and 1-on-1 cross-training, our curriculum consists of the following modules:

       Sample vitrification (Vitrobot and Leica GP2)

       Grid clipping and evaluation, cassette loading, autoloader operation

       Sample evaluation (screening for ice thickness, particle distribution, level of contamination)

       Microscope Operation (novice and advanced user trainings available)

       DED (Standalone and post energy filter)

       Data Collection Strategy

       Data Collection using Phase Plate



       Image Processing


For those interested in online resources, we recommend the following links to our partners in the NIH sponsored curriculum development programs

Grant Jensen’s "Getting started in cryo-EM course"

       Comprehensive video material covering theoretical and practical matters in cryo-EM

Peter Shen and Janet Iwasa’s "Cryo-EM 101"

       A web-based introductory course to cryo-EM that is interactive and self-paced

Fred Sigworth’s “Principles of cryo-EM

       In-depth technical treatment of cryo-EM theory: image formation and processing

Yingjie Chen and Weng Jiang’s “CryoVR

       Developing modules for VR training on cryo-EM instrumentation