This course is focused on training novice CryoEM users to independently vitrify samples and operate the microscope to collect data for single particle studies. Through hands-on practice, trainees will learn sample preparation, microscope operation, and automated data collection with SerialEM.



2 weeks




Daily Practical


Lunch Lectures

no cost

No Cost

Dates: August 13 - 23, 2024

Lodging: Room and Board provided

Accommodations: University Place Hotel

Location: RLSB

Who: Open to the public

Pacific Northwest Center for Cryo-EM (PNCC) is offering a two-week training workshop in summer 2024, for 6 trainees on the complete CryoEM workflow. Upon completion, trainees will be able to vitrify liquid samples on autogrids, load the microscope, screen & collect data with SerialEM, and monitor their collection with cryoSPARC Live on-the-fly processing.

Applications are now closed

NOTE: Application closed May 16, 2024 10am (Pacific). Preference of trainees is given to individuals who have research projects ready for Cryo-EM investigations and have background in structural biology. Application is currently open. 



From 9am to 5pm PT daily covering the following topics:

  • Sample Preparation
    • TFS Vitrobot
    • Leica EM-GP2
    • Manual Cryo-Plunger
  • Autogrid Clipping
  • Autoloader Cassette and Microscope Loading
  • Microscope Tuning
  • Energy Filter Tuning & K3 Gain Collection in Digital Micrograph
  • SerialEM Sample Screening and Data Collection
  • CryoSPARC Live on-the-fly processing

Hands-on practice sessions daily, maximum 3 trainees per instrument.

Each trainee will have the opportunity to earn CryoEM Merit badges.