Data Processing

A course to learn Relion and cryoSPARC data processing.




5 half-days





no cost

No Cost


Dates: January 8-12th, 2024

Who: PNCC Compute Account (Cascade) Holders only

The Pacific Northwest Center for Cryo-EM (PNCC) would like to offer a five half-day remote training workshop for 5-7 trainees on introduction to Relion and cryoSPARC over Zoom on the dates of January 8-12th, 2024. Students will gain experience processing test dataset or their own PNCC datasets using this state-of-the-art software. Students do not require any pre-existing knowledge of cryo-EM 3D reconstruction, but familiarity of terminal sessions and unix command lines is required.

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NOTE: All General Access Proposals have a limit of one PNCC Compute user account. If you want a PNCC Compute account and are affiliated with an approved PNCC General Access Proposal, contact our User Office. Any new applications will be unable to attend upcoming workshop due to application processing constraints.



From 9am to 1pm (Pacific) each day.
All remote sessions are live except as noted:

Day 1

  • Introductions
  • CryoSPARC overview - presented by CryoSPARC CEO and co-founder (Pre-recorded)
  • CryoSPARC hands-on tutorial on training dataset #1

Day 2

  • CryoSPARC training dataset on #1

Day 3

  • CryoSPARC training dataset on #2
  • Relion hands-on tutorial on training dataset #1

Day 4

  • Relion hands-on tutorial on training dataset #1 continue. 
  • Follow-up on cryoSPARC processing of dataset #2

Day 5

  • Relion training on dataset #1 continue. 
  • Discuss results and wrap up.
  • Masks/CryoSPARC live