Microscope Operation Workshop

Length: 2 weeks

Dates: April 6-17th 2020 (Postponed indefinitely from travel restrictions due to Covid-19)

Cost: $1400 course fee

Lodging: Room and Board provided

Trainees: 4-6 Trainees

Who: Open to all

Location: RLSB, 2730 SW Moody Ave, Portland, OR 97220

Accommodations: University Place Hotel


Pacific Northwest Center for Cryo-EM (PNCC) would like to offer a two-week training workshop for 6 trainees on experimental aspects of cryo-EM tailored to beginners held at Pacific Northwest Center for Cryo-EM between April 6-17th, 2020. This workshop will consist of 10-day hands-on training in: Sample Vitrification, Microscope Operation, and Automated Data Collection. This workshop does not cover data processing. Preference of trainees is given to individuals who have research projects ready for cryo-EM investigations and have background in structural biology. There is a $1400 course fee that covers accommodations, breakfast, lunch, consumables, and training.



Hands-On Session: 2 Weeks, Group size 3 (max) per instrument, Each user should get 4-6 hours of time practicing

Week 1

4/06 08-13: Onsite Badging, Test Quizzes, and Introductions

4/06 13-14: Lunch Seminar - Sample preparation and EM Basics by Steve Reichow

4/06 14-18: Tour and introduction of equipment by PNCC staff

4/07 08-13: Sample Preparation Demonstration by PNCC staff

4/07 13-14: Lunch Seminar - Introduction into SerialEM/EPU by Craig Yoshioka

4/07 14-18: Microscope Demonstration by PNCC Staff

4/08 08-18: Supervised user sample preparation

4/09 08-18: Introduction into microscope operation

4/10 08-13: Supervised user microscope operation

4/10 13-14: Lunch Seminar - TBD

4/10 14-18: Supervised user microscope operation

Week 2

4/13 08-18: Supervised user microscope operation

4/14 08-18: Supervised user microscope operation

4/15 08-13: Supervised user microscope operation

4/15 13-14: Lunch Seminar - CryoSPARC Live by Drew Gingerich

4/15 14-18: Supervised user microscope operation

4/16 08-13: Final Evaluation, sample preparation

4/16 14-18: Final Evaluation, microscope operation

4/17 08-13: Final Evaluation, sample preparation

4/17 14-18: Final Evaluation, microscope operation