Update as of March 24th, 2021:

New PNCC User Portal is back up after maintenance! Some issues are being experienced. Please report issues to our user office.

Update as of May 20th, 2021:

PNCC User Portal (including data transfer and PNCC Compute) will be unavailable starting at12:00 P.M. (PDT) on Friday, May 21, through Monday, May 24. Please save all work and log out prior to that time.

Update as of March 18th, 2021:

New PNCC User Portal is up!! Some issues are being experienced. Please report issues to our user office.

As of February 26th, 2021:

We have been working on a new PNCC User Portal to streamline proposal submission, review, routing and access for both users and staff. We are nearing completion of the first phase of the new portal and will be going live later next week.

In the meantime, there will be no user portal access for the couple weeks due to our need to migrate away from the old legacy EMSL User Portal and stand up the new PNCC User Portal. The legacy EMSL User Portal we have been using the last 2 years will be deactivated today and we will begin migrating all proposal information and data to the new PNCC Portal.

If you were planning to submit a proposal in the next few days, please delay until we have the new portal available. We will adjust the March peer reviews to accommodate this shift. April will return to normal proposal due dates and peer review cycle.

If you have a microscope session occurring in the few weeks, please plan to use Aria2 or Globus to access your data. The Aria2 links provided in the autogenerated emails will still be valid but access to the MyEMSL zipped file archive may be impacted by the outage these coming weeks. Access to Globus Endpoints should not be impacted at all and please remember that this is generally the fastest and closest to real-time data transfer method we have.