Dynamic Queue

Due to Modified Operational requirements put in place by OHSU responding to the Covid-19 crisis, only one PNCC staff member is allowed onsite at any given time. As a result, we are only operating 2 of 5 instruments and we have shifted all sessions to a Dynamic Queue rather than pre-scheduled dates. 

The Dynamic Queue is currently running on 2 Krios microscopes, where our 1 staff per day can load pre-clipped grids into the autoloaders for other staff to image remotely. 

The Dynamic Queue is currently prioritized as follows: 

Covid-19 Research > SPA Data Collection > Tomography Data Collection > Screening

If your sample is not onsite when you get to the front of the queue, it will be skipped over but hold its place in the queue. We have resumed acceptance of new sample deliveries, but please coordinate any shipments with your SPOC so that we know to check the receiving dock. 

Please note: PNCC reserves the right to modify schedules and queue traversal if needed to adapt and best utilize instrumentation. Changes to requests may require changing dates or position in the queue.