Static Reservations are currently prioritized as follows: 

  1. Screening & Wetlab (Screening Access)
  2. Screening & Wetlab (General Access Independent)
  3. Screening & Wetlab (General Access Training)
  4. Data Collection (General Access)
  5. Screening (General Access)

When you Schedule Experiments, this static reservation request will go into our list to schedule. The individual listed as coming on-site for this request must fill out on-site paperwork which is handled by our user office. Once this individual is cleared to visit, the request will be scheduled. We list accommodations close to our facility on our visiting us page. There is also a Welcome Packet to refer to that includes nearby transit, restaurants, and attractions.

Please send your shipment with samples or grids a week prior to your visit date. Failure to send shipments early enough to arrive prior to the scheduled date will be held to our cancellation policy. More information listed in our FAQs.

Please note: PNCC reserves the right to modify schedules and queue traversal if needed to adapt and best utilize instrumentation. Changes to requests may require changing dates or position in the queue.