The Dynamic Queue is currently prioritized as follows: 

  1. Covid-19 Research
  2. SPA Data Collection
  3. Tomography Data Collection
  4. Screening

When you Schedule Experiments, this dynamic queue request will go into our pre-queue requests list (lower right) until the samples are on-site and ready to be loaded. Once all holds are resolved, the request will be moved into the dynamic queue list (upper right) and scheduled based on date requested and instrument availability. Potential wait (in weeks), shows the estimated number of week(s) to wait for the microscope. PNCC schedules weekly by Fridays, if your estimated wait is less than 2, the request will likely be scheduled. More information listed in our FAQs.

Please note: PNCC reserves the right to modify schedules and queue traversal if needed to adapt and best utilize instrumentation. Changes to requests may require changing dates or position in the queue.


Click here to copy the script for 'PNCC Queue Watcher' on Github that gives automatic updates in the dynamic queue provided by community contribution.