Sample Shipment

Please ship your samples cold on dry ice or contained ice pack - make sure to provide absorbent materials in case of tube leakage.

  1. Include in this shipment a copy of your Sample Submission Form
  2. If you want to receive frozen grids back, you must ship a Dry Shipper to PNCC with a shipment return label* to return the dewar.

Grid Shipment

Please ship your clipped and approved grids in autoloader grid boxes using a Dry Shipper (Extended Time Cryogenic Refrigerator) - Preparing a Dry Shipper

  1. Include in the dry shipper a shipment return label* to return the dewar.
  2. For International shipments, please include a copy of declarations paperwork needed to ship your dewar back. Make sure to complete this paperwork before shipment pickup to ensure the smoothest delivery with customs.
  3. A Grid Submission Form 
  4. A Pre-Screened Grid Form 

*Samples sent in shippers without a return label or declarations paperwork will not be marked as "on-site." 

BSL-2 Shipments

Follow the above steps for if you are shipping samples or grids. PNCC must follow our Biosafety Offices' recommendations for BSL-2 samples/grids and have these additional guidance to protect our staff's safety:

  1. PNCC cannot return BSL-2 samples, they must be destroyed after imaging.
  2. PNCC can only receive frozen samples.
  3. For grids, clearly mark the shipment so that we can place into our separate BSL-2 dewar.
  4. Follow your institutional shipping rules for all BSL-2 shipments
    • PNCC is not liable for failure to follow federal shipping rules if shipped incorrectly.

Shipping Address

Att: Claudia López, PNCC Proposal #-----
Oregon Health & Science University
LVMS Mail Code: CL-P2M
2730 S. Moody Ave
Portland OR 97201