To schedule with PNCC, users must schedule experiments through the PNCC Portal and abide by our Scheduling Policies (this includes cancellation policies). To receive training, first users must apply for our Training Workshops and then schedule follow-up experiments after training.

PNCC offers either pure service, informal viewing, or independent access though our scheduling below. All PNCC scheduling is limited to FIVE days-a-week, as such, we can typically only schedule one 2+ day request per Instrument a week.

On average, requests are scheduled between 2 to 8 weeks. This wait varies based on facility load: instrument downtime, number of requests, and cancellations.


  • Remote Session
  • Requests will not be scheduled until samples are considered "ready"
  • Shows potential wait time



  • On-site Session
  • Requests scheduled once On-site Paperwork is both submitted and approved
  • Scheduled approximately four weeks in advance



Please direct scheduling questions to the User Office.