Request Microscope Time/Training

Have the following questions answered when scheduling:

  1. What are your expectations for this session?
  2. Reservation type:
    • Remote Access – dynamic queue
    • Remote Access – scheduled session
    • On-site Access – scheduled session
      1. Who plans on visiting? (max 2 visitors/proposal)
      2. Will SPOC needed for training: yes/no
  3. Indicate what time will be used for: 
    • Wet Lab Training: How many grids do you want to prepare on-site?
    • Screening: How many grids do you want to screen?
      1. Maximum: 11 grids can be screened in 8hrs, 5 grids in 4hrs
        • Please send pre-clipped grids, we can provide you with purchase information for clipping tools
    • Data collection: Answer all questions below
      1. How many hours do you want to reserve? (Indicate # images/particles you need to collect, and grid type to help estimate hours)
        • Maximum: 4 grids can be loaded for a reservation on one sample, with 1 grid selected for collection (24hrs ~3000 images)
      2. What is your target resolution (if known)?
      3. Will this acquisition require an energy filter or phase plate?
      4. What technique will be used: SPA/Tilted SPA/Tomography
      5. Required: Grids (or duplicate batch) must be pre-screened to request Krios time
        • Please send low and high magnification images
  4. When will samples be ready/When do you want visit (suggest 2 dates)?
  5. Fill out a Grid Submission Form for samples you want to send for this request.

Email your request to

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