Request General Access Extension

What is this General Access Extension Request?

This request form is only for approved General Access proposals that have competed between 72-120 hours of their allocated hours. General Access proposal receive up to 480 hours given in 120 hours allocations. This form must be completed to receive the next 120 allocated hours. 

What if I don't plan on using 120 more hours?

At the end of the year 1 and 2 deadlines of General Access Proposals, all unused hours will be removed.

What else can I add in this General Access Extension Request?

In addition to requesting 120 additional hours, you can add two more participants onto your proposal completed by our User Coordinator and up to five samples, which are restricted to samples that align directly to the original proposal and builds upon the prior samples. All samples will be checked by our co-director, Claudia Lopez. Any samples that are found to be outside the scope of the proposal will not be approved to be shipped on-site.