Publications listed in which all or part the research was carried out using PNCC resources.

What to do when you publish articles or preprints?

Full acknowledgment is required for all research publications or press releases. Please include the exact phrase: "A portion of this research was supported by NIH grant U24GM129547 and performed at the PNCC at OHSU and accessed through EMSL (grid.436923.9), a DOE Office of Science User Facility sponsored by the Office of Biological and Environmental Research" in the appropriate Acknowledgements/Funding section.

Authors must upload the citation and documents to the EMSL User Portal (under the "Publication" tab) and link it to their awarded project within 2-weeks of publication (or upload to preprint servers).

PNCC Publications

1. "Visualizing movements in E. coli F1Fo ATP synthase indicates how the F1 and Fo motors are coupled" Meghna Sobti, James L. Walshe, Robert Ishmukhametov and Alastair G. Stewart. (2019) Preprint on bioRxiv

2. “The tunable intrahexamer heteroassembly mechanism of pseudoenzyme/enzyme pair, PDX1.2/PDX1.3, with its molecular impact on vitamin B6 regulation” Irina Novikova, Mowei Zhou, Jared Shaw, Marcelina Parra, Hanjo Hellmann, and James Evans. (2019) Preprint on bioRxiv

3. “Architecture of the chromatin remodeler RSC and insights into its nucleosome engagement” Avinash B. Patel, Camille M. Moore, Basil J. Greber, Jie Luo, Jeff Ranish and Eva Nogales (2019) Preprint on bioRxiv