Step 3 - Scheduling
Work with your assigned PNCC Scientific-Point-Of-Contact (SPOC) to get microscope time and training.

Schedule TimeRequest Microscope Time and/or Training

(View our Training page for details

          Have the following questions answered when scheduling visits with your PNCC SPOC:

    1. What do you want to accomplish in this visit?
    2. Reservation type: Remote/On-site
      • If on-site, who plans on visiting? (max 2)
      • If on-site, is SPOC needed for training: yes/no
    3. Time will be used for:
      • Wet Lab Training: How many grids do you want to make on-site (appx. hrs)
      • Screening: How many grids do you want to screen (appx. hrs)
      • Data collection: How many images do you need to acquire (appx. hrs)
    4. Instrument Usage: Screening/Single particle Data Collection/Tomography Data Collection
    5. Max resolution for structure to be imaged:
      • If structure is not solved, we will screen on Arctica and move to a Krios reservation once grids look good.
      • If Krios time is requested, please send us low AND high mag images of the pre-screened grids that will be sent.
    6. When do you want this visit/when will you be ready by?
    7. Fill out a Grid Submission Form for samples you want to send for this request.

    User FeedbackProvide User Feedback

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    User FeedbackRequest General Access Extension

    (Add participants and new samples aligned to scientific scope; New allocations given in 120 hour increments)